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• Mihama "fugu" (globefish) dishes
"Fugu" or globefish represents a gourmet's delight in Mihama from November through March. Fugu is extremely delicious when eaten as "sashimi" (sliced raw fish) or from a hotpot called "chiri-nabe." Sake lovers are sure to be enchanted with hot "hire-zake" which contains a fugu's broiled dorsal fin. With fugu dishes, winter in Mihama guarantees a mouth-watering experience.

• Crab dishes
Crabs are truly delicious gifts from the Sea of Japan in winter. A crab can be enjoyed in its entirety - even the shell containing tasty and succulent innards known as "koura-zake" (crab shell sake, as well as crab legs packed with white juicy meat.

• "Kan-buri" winter yellowtail dishes
Mihama's large-size "buri" (yellowtail) caught in winter is better known as "kan-buri." A taste treat available only in mid-winter, its substantial meat is best enjoyed as "sashimi" or "shabu-shabu" (thin-sliced and dipped in boiling stock before being eaten with special sauces).

• Fresh fish dishes
Mihama faces the Wakasa Bay and nearby are the Mikata Five Lakes and the crystal-clear Mimi River. Jewels of the ocean such as sea bream, flatfish, sea urchins, abalones and turban shells, and freshwater varieties like eels and sweetfish abound.

• "Saba-heshiko" and "fugu-heshiko"
Made by pickling fresh "saba" (mackerel) or "fugu" (globefish) and aged in rice bran to become "heshiko," a traditional preservable food unique to this area. Mackerel-based "heshiko" is called "Saba-heshiko" and globefish-based "heshiko" is called "fugu-heshiko."
When grilled, "heshiko" emits a unique flavor and is best enjoyed as a garnish for "chazuke" (tea over steamed rice) or as a snack to go with japanese rice wine.

• Local Wakasa Beer
Wakasa Beer is the local brand of a micro-brewery established for the first time in Fukui Prefecture. Brewed using Wakasa's highest-quality spring water, Wakasa Beer comes in three types - Weizen, Amber Ale and Pale Ale. Visitors are welcome to tour the brewery and tasting is free of charge.

• Local sake
In Mihama there are two sake breweries: Wakasa-giku Brewery for "Wakasa-giku" and Miyake Hikozaemon Brewery for "Hayase-ura" sake Both brands go well with the area's freshest seafoods.

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