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• Rainbow Line
Rainbow Line is an 11-km-long scenic toll road that stretches between the towns of Mihama and Mikata. The Sea of Japan and the Mikata Five Lakes change in hue and appearance minute by minute as you drive along the ridge of Mt. Bojo 400 meters above the sea.
• The Key of Vows (atop Mt. Baijo)
This key brought from India is believed to have mysterious power. Why not put the key in the rainbow in prayer for a wish come true? Just write your wish or vow on the key, turn the key and simply put it into the box provided.
• "Spatial Mobius" sculpture (atop Mt. Baijo)
One of the award-winning works in the Mihama International Outdoor Sculpture Biennale, this sculpture named "Spatial Mobius" stands in harmony with Mihama's scenic beauty. We wish all couples harmony and happiness forever like the endless rings of Mobius.

• Rose Gardens (atop Mt. Baijo)
In association with the Mikata Five Lakes, there are five flower gardens filled with 600 plants of 80 rose varieties. The roses are at their best in spring (around May 20~June 20) and in autumn (around October 20~November 20). The Rose Gardens provide a photogenic setting for your memorable trip to Mihama.
• Mihama PR Center for Nuclear Power Generation
Visitors are always welcome at this center to learn about electricity and power generation. The center also features exhibits on ocean farming in Nyu Bay, as well as a shop selling local specialties and souvenirs.
• Mihama Town Lake Center
This sightseeing attraction is situated on the Kugushi lakefront at the entrance of Mikata Five Lakes. This is also the boarding place for the Mikata Five Lakes sightseeing boat. Mihama local specialties and souvenirs are readily available.

• Tour of Urami River and Mikata Goko (Five Lakes)
The Urami River connecting Suigetsu and kugushi lakes is a manmade waterway constructed some 300 years ago by cutting through the hard rocky surfaces. Lush greenery covers the surface of the sheer cliffs, which turns into gorgeous crimson in autumn. One of the scenic highlights of a tour around the five lakes.
• Wakasa Brewery
Open to the public for an inspection tour, this brewery features a beer hall and an open terrace where visitors can enjoy a fresh brew while appreciating the serene, picturesque sea and refreshing breezes.
• Outdoor Sculptures
Nine works of sculpture from the First Mihama International Outdoor Sculpture Biennale are on display in various spots around Mihama, creating harmonious encounters with the picturesque landscape.

  Commerce, Industry & Tourism Section, Mihama Town Office -- 25-25 Goichi, Mihama Town, Mikata-gun, Fukui Prefecture
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