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• "Donguri (Acorn) Club" for Living in Forest
This club invites those interested in experiencing coexistence with nature. With a mountain forest in Mihama's Shinjo district as its setting, participants enjoy strolling through the forest, camping and barbecuing, and many other nature-oriented activities.
• Dig Your Own Sweet Potatoes (the end of September - the end of October)
Experience digging your own sweet potatoes in Ohtambara Sweet potato farms in Shinjo. Ohtambara district offer visitors the experience of harvesting your very own potatoes in the fresh open air. The sweet potatoes grown here in the rich red soil with a minimum of agricultural chemicals are truly sweet and tasty.
• Fishery experience (the end of April - the end of October)
Led by experienced fishermen, participants get on board the Niu-maru fishing boat and go out to sea to experience authentic large-net fishing. This exciting on-board experience is bound to be the memory of a lifetime.

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