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• Fishing boats
Traditionally a fishing village, there are many minshuku lodgings which arrange fishing boats for their guests. While the waters of Wakasa Bay are often associated with an image of rough waves, even beginners can enjoy the excitement of fishing. After fishing, anglers bring their catches back to their lodgings and the minshuku owner will cook the freshly caught fish for dinner- a true angler's privilege.
• Squid night-fishing
Lights of the night-fishing boats look like fire afloat in the pitch-black dark of the night sea. Squid night-fishing is a seasonal almost poetic attraction of Mihama from early June through October. You can easily land a squid with a single fishline.
• Fishing pond
Of the Mikata Five Lakes, the closest to the Sea of Japan coast. is Lake Hiruga. Here there is a seawater pond for fishing. Enthusiastic anglers as well as families come to this point to fish for sardine, sea bream, horse mackerel and chub mackerel, among others.

• "Keiryu-no-sato" mountain stream area
The Mimi River, running north to south through the town of Mihama, is a Mecca for year-round mountain stream fishing. All fishing gear is locally available for rent. Barbecue and even hotpot cooking can also be enjoyed by the clear stream.

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