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• In-the-Water Tug-of-War (3rd Sun. of Jan. in Hiruga District)
A form of Shinto ritual, this exciting event takes place at the Hiruga Canal that connects the Sea of Japan with Lake Hiruga. A huge rope is used in association with a legend that the local inhabitants drove away a large serpent with a massive rope. In this event, young men, divided into the East and West teams, jump into the almost freezing water to fight a spectacular tug-of-war.
• Sending-off "Shorai-bune" Boats (Aug. 15 at Sugahama Beach)
This event is a part of the Bon Festival, a memorial service for ancestral souls. In the evening of August 15, boats known as "Shorai-bune" are sent off from Sugahama Beach into the sea, carrying the ancestral souls back to heaven. This peaceful event can touch the heart, bringing us back a bit to the world of nostalgia.
• "Oh-no-mai" Sacred Dance (May 1 in Miyashiro District)
This sacred dance is offered to the deity of Mimi Shrine in the Miyashiro district on the day of its annual festival. A crimson-robed dancer in a long-nosed "Tengu" (goblin) mask wearing a crown of Phoenix gracefully dances to the haunting sounds of drums and flutes.

• Hassaku Festival (1st Sunday of September in Hiruga District)
A drum performance and children's "sumo" wrestling tournament are staged in prayer for the sound growth of children. Above all, the festival's highlight is the so-called "Babies' Crying Contest" presented in the style of "sumo" tournament participated in by boy babies who were born during the one-year period prior to the festival.
• Children's Kabuki Performance (May 5 in Hayase District)
This local performing art has long been known as "Hayase's Children Kabuki." The young Kabuki actors undergo hard practice day after day before appearing on stage. Enjoy their truly charming performance.
• Mihama Itsuki Hiroshi Marathon Race
Named in honor of Itsuki Hiroshi, a singer of nationwide popularity born in Mihama, this marathon event along a scenic seaside course in Wakasa Quasi-National Park attracts some 4,000 participants each year.

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